The Value of Timely Answers

“Gimme, gimme, I need, I need!” If you recall the character Bob Wiley from the movie, “What about Bob?” played by Bill Murray, you will recall that Bob has needs.

His psychiatrist, Dr. Leo Marvin played by Richard Dreyfuss, is challenged (and tormented) by his difficult patient throughout the movie.   It didn’t have to end so badly for Dr. Marvin.  What if Dr. Marvin had a coach? What if we changed the story-line so that Dr. Marvin had an “Intelligent Advisor” leading him to more direct treatment solution(s) for Bob?  Bob may have been treated and Dr. Marvin may have been able to enjoy his family vacation.  Of course, the movie would have lost all of its humor, but in today’s new reality where the handling of urgent healthcare, medical, supply chain and other important needs has been forced upon us to make quick decisions; any guiding aides are welcome. 

Various solutions exist that could address some of these needs, but I want to focus on one that stands out as having the ability to address an infinite number of urgent use cases:

Oracle Intelligent Advisor

formerly Oracle Policy Automation

How it works:

Like any experienced professional, Dr. Marvin goes through a line of questioning to determine the problem.  If we ask Dr. Marvin’s question, “What is the crisis?”, our experiences enable us to break down Bob’s responses into decision trees.  The professional alters their line-of-questioning depending on on each response, based on knowledge and experience. The brain is able to segment, assign rules, and process the information to make logical results.

Overly simplified, Intelligent Adviser is a solution that enables experienced professionals to apply their knowledge in this systematic way – in order to steer their subject to the optimal recommendation.

A Timely Solution Providing Timely Recommendations

Today’s health crisis is presenting an enormous magnitude of new business and community unknowns. The situation has posed so many new questions to the community that it has been challenging for resources to respond at-scale and difficult for the population to find clear answers that pertain to them.  Providers and community leaders need a way to funnel questions so people can get to the responses they need fast to prevent chaos or further outbreak. 

I’ve had the pleasure witnessing some of the Intelligent Advisor subject experts who have worked to develop some creative models that can address some of these new pandemic-related issues.  I wanted to provide a list of different use case ideas that would be excellent opportunities for Intelligent Advisor to help circumvent the increase in knowledge-demand. 

Although some of these topics are already addressed on various websites and through different tools; the benefit of Intelligent Advisor is to make the questions personalized; or customized to different use cases, locations or scenarios.  A user would be able to go through a wizard-type set of questions where the results will apply to their specific situation, based on the rules and inputs from the experts.    

Today’s Examples:

Personal Healthcare

  • Am I at risk?
  • Should I self-isolate?
  • Where should go to get help?
  • Should I get a Covid-19 test?
  • Where do I go?
  • How long for results?


  • Is my patient a candidate?
  • Is my patient at high-risk?
  • Based on conditions, what treatment is advisable?


  • Do I qualify for the stimulus package?
  • What if I get laid off?

Supply Chain

  • How much PPE to produce?
  • Where should I direct supplies?
  • Where can I find suppliers?
  • Who has affordable inventory?


  • Will I be covered?
  • Will my family be covered?
  • What happens if I am laid off after diagnosis?


  • Do I get reimbursed for college housing expenses?
  • I’m a senior, how will I graduate?


  • The travel ban has forced cancellation of my trip. What next?
  • How do I rebook?

Within each of the above categories, is a slew of questions you might ask an individual as well as rules you can apply to be able to provide the best recommendation(s).  There truly is an endless number of use-cases for Intelligent Advisor as the above samples only address a few examples from this one healthcare event.


As we’ve been reminded from today’s new reality, responding to urgent needs in a timely manner could result in better outcomes and treatment. The value of Intelligent Advisor allows people to get answers to their specific questions, immediately, and can easily be made available to the broader population. Not only does everyone benefit from the quicker and personalized responses, but standardization is built-in to the process to provide consistency and accuracy.

Baby Steps:

If we take Dr. Marvin’s advice of “Baby Steps,” and start applying this concept to our existing common and redundant processes, imagine the giant leaps we could make by calculating the benefits of these incremental improvements? Check out if using a coach like Intelligent Advisor can help you baby step and guide you to the next level.

This post on Oracle Intelligent Advisor is a break in my 3-part series in order to address current events. As always, I’ve included a list of KPIs below that show a sampling of benefit-areas typically addressed with the Oracle Intelligent Advisor solution.

No proprietary information has been shared. This post and this blog are solely the opinion of the author.

CX Products Mentioned

Oracle Intelligent Advisor (Oracle Policy Automation – OPA)

Sample KPIs Addressed
Accuracy /Error rates
Customer/Patient handling time
Patient throughput
Patient wait-times
Self-service rates
Response rates
Training time
C-SAT scores
Patient satisfaction rates
Inventory rates
Data quality error rates